marina go



Sorry, the
Marina Go Hotel is no longer available

We take this opportunity to thank the many guests who made our 2 year foray into the hotel business unforgettable.

Due to the uncertainty of incoming foreign tourists visiting Turkey resulting from the orchestrated Wars in Syria and irresponsible reporting by the worlds news entertainment TV channels of the effect on Turkey generally, coupled with a dire shortage of qualified, trustworthy and honest hotel staff in Turkey made us decide to get out of the hospitality business in Turkey while the going was good.

Our flagship Travel Agency business, established in 1997 will continue to provide all tourism services in Turkey and Greece and also ferry booking services between Italy, Greece, the Greek Islands, Cyprus and Lebanon.

Our main travel agency shop and offices are still located at Caferpasa Caddesi No 5a, Bodrum, Turkey,
just round the corner from the International Marina.

Our alternative hotel recommendation in central Bodrum is the

Marina Vista Hotel